First of all, we give God all the glory with the recordings that are done in our studio. Here at 2x2 Studio, we try our best to please each and every ministry that comes in to do a recording. We are blessed to know that we played a small part in helping gospel groups get there message into others hands. We pray people are touched and blessed with the music they hear! The big difference with our studio is, we take time and let the groups do their best. If anyone comes in for the final mix, and is not happy, guess what, you owe us nothing. We keep the recording, and you keep the money. Now where can you go and get that offer? We truly are that confident you will be pleased with the recording that is placed in your hands at the end. Of all the groups and singers we have recorded, we have never had anyone unhappy with the experience, recording, and the way they were treated at the studio! We want you to feel like you are at home when you record with us! Remember, this is YOUR project, so you make the final decision!! So contact us for your first or next recording session and experience the difference with our studio verses the others. You will not be disappointed! Check out the things people that have recorded with us had to say!

God Bless you all,

Jeff Kelley

"I have been singing for many years, and recorded at the biggest studios and some of the smallest as well. When we came to 2x2 Studio, we were amazed at the experience we had! Jeff does a very professional job, and in my opinion, recorded us the best project we have ever had done!!! You will not regret recording with 2x2 Studio!"

- Freddy Hyde - Ole Friends

We really enjoyed recording at 2x2 Studio, and we very pleased with the recording. Very Professional, what some call Nashville quality. Jeff did a wonderful job and we WILL be recording there again!! You will be pleased with the material you receive from 2x2 Studio!

- Godsway Quartet

“We love coming to 2x2 Studio to record! Jeff does a professional job and we feel like we are at home with the relaxed environment”

– The Gray Family